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Investment Strategy



A typical portfolio company will have a proven business with around €10-20 million in revenues and grow rapidly. It will operate profitably or with break-even in reach. 


And its organisation will be prepared to enter the next phase of international growth.

Use of funds


Our companies raise growth capital for internationalization, product line extension, vertical market expansion or M&A.


Our investment size ranges from € 10 million up to € 30 million. 




Our team has deep industry experience and a proven investment and exit track record in a variety of sectors, including

  • Enterprise Software and SaaS

  • E-commerce and Consumer Internet

  • Communications Technologies and Services

  • Mobile Commerce and Mobile Apps

  • Industrial Automation

  • Electronical Systems and Embedded SW

  • Semiconductors and Materials

  • Green Technologies and Services

Holding period 


Unlike a classical fund, we are not bound by fund lifetimes. Our investment horizon and our need for liquidity can therefore be aligned to the specific requirements of the investee.   

Types of investment


We can offer a whole range of capital, tailored to the specific situation of both the  company and the participating investors.


We offer growth equity, convertible loans and structured debt. In equity investments, both minority and majority stakes are possible.

We also occasionally consider purchases of secondary shares.   


We actively support our portfolio companies along their growth journey - adding strategic and operational advice and behaving like a co-entrepreneur with a focus on business success.

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